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Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon

Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon

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Why, where, when and how to choose best Pre-leased Property for sale?

Why Pre-leased Property for sale is in demand in current market scenario? 

In the past Pre leased Property was popular among old age People as a safe real-estate investment, people use-to buy rented property  as a retirement plan. because Rented Property is safe investment where you will get ready to move property and regular rental income.

Now every investor (If he/she is investing into Real-estate) want to add at-least one Pre-leased Property in his/her investment portfolio, so that he/she can get work freedom this is the reason why demand for Rented Property is increasing day by day in all cities.

Gurgaon real estate as a investment destination?

Gurgaon is an ideal location for operating your business. Located within the NCR region, this city is home to a vast number of small as well as large multi-national companies. Gurgaon is well connected with Delhi’s Metro and Rapid Metro networks. The IGI International Airport is within easy reach from the city. If you’re travelling by car, then Gurgaon provides quick access to a variety of highways. The city is full of local amenities, such as start hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, and shops. Gurgaon is truly one of the most convenient and prominent location for you to operate your business. that is why Gurugram’s commercial market specially in case of  Pre-leased Property for sale continues to perform well .

There are several factors that continue to work in favour of the market. Realtors and occupiers continue to bet big on this market, Investor are purchasing Pre-leased Property for sale  thanks to the overall development that the region saw in the past few years. There are some unique attributes: Strong peripheral and secondary market: The region is flush with all kinds of commercial spaces. Both Grade A and Grade B category of commercial spaces are available. And it is not merely some key markets that continue to perform. Owing to the expansion of corporates and the consequent demand from them, the city’s peripheral and secondary markets continue to offer quality office space – a trend which was probably not seen until the beginning of last year.

What all kind of Property we can get if we are searching “Pre-leased Property for sale” in Gurgaon or other part of country?

MNC Leased Property:

If you have investment plan for Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon you can buy good commercial property rented to MNC. MNC rented Property is safe and A multi-national company as a tenant can assure you regular rental Income and Long lease guaranty. Your Property will get good property appreciation.

Average Investment SizeExpected Return on Investment
 Rs. 1 Cr. to 10 Cr. 6 – 7.5 %

INC Leased Property:-

If you are interested in Pre-leased Property for sale and looking for higher Return. You can buy Good property rented to INC company this will give you good return with regular rental income. As far as security, Indian Company are doing very good and I am sure you will get regular rental income because every company is professional now due to sustain in Global Competition.

Average Investment SizeExpected Return on Investment
  Rs. 70 to 5 Cr. 7 – 8 %

Rented Retail Shop:-

As a Pre-leased property, retail Shop can give you high Property appreciation with moderate Return. Location and layout of the project as well as Location of the shop are very important aspect in Case of Retail Rented Property. We can offer you Pre leased Shop in some of the best Market in Gurgaon.

Average Investment SizeExpected Return on Investment
 Rs. 2.5 to 7 Cr. 5.5 to 6.5 %

Bank Leased Property:-

Bank Rented Property is preferred by old Age investors, where they are  more concerned about safe and secure income and long lease then ROI.  If you also think so  you can choose Pre-leased property rented to Bank.

Average Investment SizeExpected Return on Investment
 Rs. 4 to 15 Cr. 4 to 5.5 %

Pre-Leased Independent Building:-

Rented Building also a good investment. If your Budget size is more than 10 Cr then you can also think Independent Building. it’s always better if the building is rented to a good Company or it should be rented to 2-3 Companies. Where risk factor is low. ROI depends upon tenant and location of the building.

Average Investment SizeExpected Return on Investment
 Rs. 8 to 50 Cr. 8 to 10 %

Pre-leased warehouse:-

A pre-leased warehouse is a good investment if your budget and choice allow you. this will give you a feeling of independence. But Rented warehouse has some limitation also once your leases complete its liabilities difficult to get another tenant.

Average Investment SizeExpected Return on Investment
 Rs. 10 to 20 Cr. 8 to 10 %

Pre Leased SCO ( Shop Cum Office):-

SCO is an independent property. If your Budget size is more than 10 Cr then you can also think about Pre Leased SCO. If you are looking for Pre-leased Property for sale and searching Rented SCO, It’s always better if the SCO is rented to a good Tenant or it should be rented to 2-3 Tenants, where the risk factor is low.

ROI depends upon tenant and location of the SCO. SCO can be used as a retail shop or as an Office space. We do have some options if you are planing to invest in Rented SCO in Gurgaon.

Average Investment SizeExpected Return on Investment
 Rs. 10 to 20 Cr. 5 to 8 %

Locations where you will find good Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon

Golf Course Road Gurgaon:

Golf Course Road is 16 Lane well-connected road from all part of Gurgaon. Rapid Metro also operational on Golf Course Road. Many MNC’s and INC’s has its corporate office. facebook, E&Y, Yes Bank, Dell, Samsung are some of the best tenant operational on Golf Course Road. Horizon CenterPalm spring plazaVatika Towers, Suncity Business Tower, Baani The Address are some of the iconic commercial building on Golf Course Road. We assure you good ROI in MNC Rented Property on Golf Course Road. We do have some bank rented Property on Golf Course Road.

Average Per Sq.ft. rateAverage Investment SizeExpected ROI
 Rs. 14000 to 20000/- 2 cr. to 10 Cr. 6 to 7.5 %

Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon:-

Golf Course Extension Road is new business address in Gurgaon for MNC’s and INC’s. Sector 56 Rapid Metro station is at the starting point of Extension Road which is already operational. PepsiCo, NTT DATA, Apollo Tyres are some of the best tenant operational on Golf Course Extension Road. Some of the Iconic Commercial Building on Golf Course Extension Road are Suncity Success TowerM3M CosmopolitanM3M UrbanaPioneer Urban Square. We can provide you good ROI in MNC Rented Property on Golf Course Extension Road.

Average Per Sq.ft. rateAverage Investment SizeExpected ROI
Rs. 9800 to 12000/- 1 cr. to 4 Cr. 7 to 7.75 %

Sohna Road Gurgaon:-

Sohna Road Gurgaon is National Highway. Well Connected from NH-8 and from metro station It’s just 10 min drive. Mckinsey, TCS, Huawei are some of the best tenants on Sohna Road. Some of the Iconic office space and retail building on Sohna Road are Vatika Business Park, JMD Megapolis, Spaze I Tech Park, Bestech Business Tower. On Sohna Road We can get good MNC Rented Property at best ROI. We do have some bank rented Property on Sohna Road.

Average Per Sq.ft. rateAverage Investment SizeExpected ROI
 Rs. 9000 to 11,500/- 60 Lacs to 2 Cr. 6.5 to 8 %

M.G. Raod Gurgaon:-

If you are interested in buying retail rented property then MG Raod is one of the best destinations. Well-Connected from all part of Gurgaon and south Delhi. Located on Metro Rout. Some of the Iconic building on MG Road are MGF Metropolitan Mall, Time Tower, Vatika City Point. Some of the best tenants like Mcdonalds, PVR, Shoppers Stop, lifestyle, Amway are operational on MG Road. We can offer you Rented Property on MG Road leased to a good MNC. We do have some rented Retail Shop on M.G. Road.

Average Per Sq.ft. rateAverage Investment SizeExpected ROI
 Rs. 14,000 to 80,000/- 2 Cr. to 15 Cr. 6 to 7.5 %

NH-8 Gurgaon:-

NH-8 is National highway crossing from the heart of Gurgaon and Well Connected from all Part of Gurgaon and Delhi. Some of the Best tenant like Google, Audi, Hindustan Times are operational on NH-8 Gurgaon. Signature Tower, Signature Tower II & III, BPTP Park Centra are some the iconic building on NH-8 Gurgaon. We have some MNC Rented Property in Building like Park Centra and Signature Tower.

Average Per Sq.ft. rateAverage Investment SizeExpected ROI
 Rs. 11,00 to 30,000/- 1 Cr.s to 5 Cr. 6 to 7.5 %

Sushant Lok 1:-

Sushant Lok and DLF Phase IV are amongst the most centrally situated localities of Gurgaon. Sushant Lok boasts of some of the best markets/malls around it. Good Metro Connectivity available in the area. Many MNC’s and INC’s has its corporate office. Pl Industries, StayWell are some of the tenants operational in Sushant Lok. Galleria Market,  Millennium Plaza, Vipul Square are some of the iconic commercial building on Golf Course Road. In Millennium Plaza, Vipul Square we have some MNC Rented Property with best ROI.

Average Per Sq.ft. rateAverage Investment SizeExpected ROI
 Rs. 14000 to 20000/- 2 cr. to 10 Cr. 6 to 7.5 %

Udyog Vihar Gurgaon:-

Udyog Vihar is the nearest location from Delhi. Famous for industrial plots. If you are looking for Independent Building as Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon, Udyog Vihar is the best location where you will get 8 to 10 percent return. We can Provide you rented building in Udyog Vihar.

Why to invest in pre-leased properties?

Pre-Leased Commercial Properties command high yields:-

Because every investor wants safety for their money so they prefer rented property. It is directly linked to the concept of Demand and supply. Demand is high so you will get the good return. Residential property give 1% or 2 % return on Investment. At the same time, you will get 6 to 11% return on your investment in Commercial rented property.

Safe and Secure Investment with High ROI:-

You are buying a registered ready to move-in property. Some good company is operational in the property. So you are getting regular monthly income. more-over this maintenance cost also not a problem for you because maintenance is paid by tenant.

Financial Institutions extend loans to a tune of 90% of the cost of the property:-

Because every Financial Institutions look for safety for their money. Rented property earning regular income so defaulter case is not possible.

Maintenance of the property:-

Every time corporate clients are visiting into office so tenant wants to keep office well maintained. Good maintenance increase life of the property.

Planned investment:-

Because you are earning secure monthly rental income so you also can buy another property. Or you can make any investment.

Pre-leased Property give you financial freedom:-

Your Money is making money on a regular monthly basis which is giving you financial freedom. You are out with your family on a tour and on every 1st week of the month rental clicked into your account. So more over this, I can say its give you happy family life which is the hidden need of every individual.

Commercial Preleased Property Investment options provide an ROI ( Return on Investment). ranging from 6% to 10% in today’s market.

What all Points we have to keep in mind before buying a Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon or any other location?


Type and age of the building are crucial while taking an investment decision. If Building is newly constructed in a high potential area then it is good.

Tenant Profile:-

Tenant profile is one of the major aspects to be seen while investing in pre-leased properties. In the case of office space, good MNC and INC rented property will give you a safe investment.

Lease Term:-

A longer lease term is better depending on the market situation. If rent is below market price then the short-term lease is good especially in the case of retail.

Lock-in period:-

Lock-in period is the minimum term that the tenant should serve. or pay for Higher lock-in gives better security to the investment. If rent is as per market term then long time lock-in period is good. In Gurgaon, most of the companies give 3 to 4-year Lock-in. But in the case of retail tenant give 1-2 year Lock-in. In Most of the case, a bank doesn’t give any lock-in period.

Time Entry-Exit Deposit, Rent and rent Escalation:-

The deposit should cover an average of at least 3 months electricity bills and maintenance charges. In the case of longer lock-in, the deposit should be higher to ensure the tenant would fulfill his obligations. Annual rental escalation is preferred over escalation after 3 to 4 years.

Property Tax and Maintenance charges:-

One should check the maintenance charges. property tax and other tax obligations. any pending matters/ penalties before investing.

Good Facilities Management:-

Good facilities management agency for the premises and the building plays the pivotal role in upkeep. of the premises and can fetch better capital values for the property in the long run.

The difference between rented space and Vacant space:- We have to check the difference between rented and vacant space, the lower difference is considered good. in the case of office space in Gurgaon, you will find the difference of Rs. 2000 to 3000 Pre Sq.ft.

Furnishing is done by Tenant or owner

If furnishing is done by tenant then it’s good because this kind of property assure you more safety, although you get the low return on investment. But in current market scenario companies preferring fully furnished space rather than unfurnished spaces, because it reduces their one-time investment cost getting it furnished. Which is Rs. 1500 – 2000 Pre sq. Ft.

Why is Gurgaon preferred City by MNCs and INC’s?

Gurgaon has Close connectivity from International Airport (IGI Airport) as well as Domestic Airport In NCR region. Good governance, best industrial policies are the reason Why More the 250 fortune 500 Companies are operational in Gurgaon. GE was the 1st MNC came to Gurgaon now almost every MNC operational in India has its office in Gurgaon. Now Goverment is More concerned about Infrastructure in Gurgaon this is the reason why many National highway and state highway like Dwarka Express Way (NPR) , Southern peripheral Road (SPR), Sohna Road along with NH-8 are taking shape and many more underpassess are already completed and many more are under-construction so avoid tragic problem.

2018 to witness stronger demand in Commercial Leasing and  Pre-leased Property sale  

The Indian economy recovered sharply with 7.2% YOY growth in Q4 2017, echoing a positive outlook. Most economic forecasters have maintained their projections of growth of above 7% over the next two years. In our opinion, the commercial real estate market is likely to remain robust with increased investor activity, sustained demand from technology companies and growing interest from various industry occupiers like manufacturing, flexible workspace, logistics and warehousing. Demand for Pre-leased Property for sale is really high.

Pre Rented or Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon Delhi/NCR & Noida

GURUGRAM’S COMMERCIAL market continues to shine.

The city’s burgeoning commercial real estate market continues to perform and contribute significantly to the overall performance of the NCR. Factors like improving connectivity, quality offices, and stable rental rates have made the city a preferred place for occupiers.

Leasing across Gurugram (Gurgaon) remained strong and significantly halted the overall drop in vacancies in the NCR, a report – Market View – for the first quarter of the 2018 by CBRE said.

As per the latest Reports, while leasing volumes in prime business districts like DLF Cyber City remain high, other key areas like MG Road, Sectors 48 and 49, and Phase V have also emerged strong. Over the past few quarters, new areas have emerged with healthy supply of offices and retail space like National Highway 8, Golf Course Road Extension, Sohna Road, Udyog Vihar, and Faridabad Road.

Demand of Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon

Source: CBRE Research, Q1 2018.

One of the locations that thrive with business in the National Capital Region is Gurgaon. This is one place where developments, both commercial and residential, never cease to exist. Realty market has always been at its best here even though there was a slump in the business across the country in the recent past. Townships get constructed as do malls, High Street Retail, Office Space in different parts of the city where rented property for sale has picked up speed lately. As much as the residential properties have gained prominence, pre-rented commercial properties for sale in Gurgaon has attracted equal importance from people. Since Gurgaon is a partial industrial as well as IT city, there is a massive amount of people that file into it to start the business and invest money in many different ventures. Naturally, the interest to settle down in this place flares up in everybody.

There are Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurugram attracting the attention of investors from other states. These properties are located in the prime areas of the city with a lot of commercial developments in the surrounding areas. Likewise, pre-leased commercial properties in Gurugram are much sought-after because of the business viability. Such properties have to be checked thoroughly for legal implications, with the help of an expert. In fact, there are reports pointing towards the developments that are happening in Gurugram and its vicinity which will definitely increase the prices of properties soon. Now is the time to invest money in residential and commercial properties to earn a fortune in the very near future.

Some Questions and Answers which is asked by investors to us most of the time.

Why is Commercial Property better than Residential Property?

From huge unsold inventory to declining interest of investors to increasing pressure on developers, everything seems to be going against “Residential Asset Class” and it’s going to stay as it is for quite some time.

I feel that high rental yield of 6 -7% and appreciation potential will keep attracting investors towards Commercial Real Estate.

Do you have Bank Rented Property?

Yes, we also deal in Bank Rented Property.

Bank Rented Property is safer than other rented investment options available in the Market?

Yes, Bank Considered as a safer investment but my opinion is little-bit different, In most of the cases bank don’t give lock-in period. Now every organization working for profit, Banks also one of them, If they are in profit they will stay for a long time but if not they can shift anytime because they are not legally bound. I as an Investment consultant believe in strong documentation.

Where to invest in Retail or Office space?

Both are good investment options; depending upon what you want from your investment? What is your goal?

If you are focusing on Property appreciation rather than return on Investment then you can proceed for Retail Rented Property. Retail shop as will give you good property appreciation as a Pre-leased Property for sale.

If you want a good return on Investment along with moderate Property appreciation then you have to choose office space. Because in office space you can get Pre-leased Property for sale at a lower cost than retail.

Which is the best location for investment in Gurgaon?

All locations are good for Pre-leased Property for sale but among them, best differ client to client, their investment choice, Investment Size etc.

If you have Budget of 2 Cr. to 15 Cr. and want to invest into newly constructed property and you can retain Property for 4 to 5 Years, you can choose for Golf Course Extension Road.

If you want a higher return on your investment then you can choose Sohna Road.

If you want good connectivity and happy with moderate retune with grade A tenant you can choose Golf Course Road as your investment Destination?

Rented Property and assured return Property are same?

No, both are different.

What is the difference between Rented Property and assured return Property?

Rented Properties are ready to Move in Property which is also on lease to a tenant and earning Rental Income from day one.

Assure return Properties are under construction Properties where the developer is assuring and giving you return on your Investment. Generally, this assured return continues till Possession.*

In both the cases, you are getting a fixed income from Day one.

Which is the right choice of investment among Rented Property/Pre-leased Property for sale and Assured retune Property?

Both kinds of investment have its pros and cons.

Rented Property is considered a safe investment because you know everything starting from accurate size, shape, Unit location etc. you can visit your particular unit and you are getting rental from day one (In Gurgaon you will get 6 to 8 Percent return*) Moreover this you take 30% Rebate in Income generated from Rent for maintenance purpose.

Assure return Properties are under construction properties, you will get 10 to 12 Percent Yearly Return* if you are buying this kind of Properties.

But now as per new guideline of SEBI and  HRERA (Real Estate Regulatory Bill) Assure return is illegal so it is advised that if you are getting good Pre-leased Property for sale go for it. Pre-leased Property are safe and you have legal power.

Assuring You Best Price and Best Services Always.        

Call our commercial property advisor for any inquiry related to Pre-leased property or Office Space for Lease or New commercial projects or  Assured return projects in Delhi-NCR including all part of Gurgaon.

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Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon


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