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Pre-leased Property for sale

Real-esate is a very attracting investment option but before investing into real-estate you should understand what is your requirement. If you want property appreciation with regular rental income then investing into Pre-leased Commercial Property is good decision where Bank, MNC, retail brands can be your tenant. Why I think so? because Pre-leased Property is ready to move property and also earning regular rental income so it is safe and secure investment this is the reason why rented property is trusted by investors from a long time. Recently we have leased good MNC’s as well as retail Brands in various part of Gurgaon which is available for sale so If you want to create Real-estate asset which will give you safety along with good return then invest in Pre-leased Property in Gurgaon. There are multiple investment option in Pre-leased like Bank Rented Property, Rented Retail, MNC rented Office, Pre-leased SCO, rented Independent Building are the categories where you can invest in Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon. 

Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon

Investors are eye witness of  a rapid growth in micro markets of Gurgaon, especially Golf Course Road, Sohna Road, Golf Course Extension Road and Southern Periphery Road. Rented Properties are ready property where tenant are operational and you are getting rent from 1st day.  We have various investment option for you like Pre rented Commercial property for sale in Gurgaon, pre rented shops for sale in gurgaon leased to Top Retail Brands, mnc leased office in gurgaon with 5 Years lock-in, Bank rented Property for sale in Gurgaon and Pre rented SCO for sale in Gurgaon If you like we can also offer you SCO plots at very good location of Gurgaon. 

Best Deal pre rented property in gurgaon








Sector 39


Near Huda Metro

Area Available

7000 sq.ft.(Min.1850 Sq.Ft.)

1800 Sq ft

5000 Sq.Ft. (Min 1000 Sq.Ft.)

1337 SqFt. (Total Area 16500 Sq.Ft.)


225 PSF

135 PSF

195 PSF

87 PSF

Lease Tenure


12 Year


9 Year





5 Year

* We have Many more properties (Retail, Office, Buildings etc.) in at various locations in Gurgaon.

What is Pre-leased Property ?

Pros and Cons of Rented Property

If you are interested to know more about Pre-leased Property, Type, Expected ROI, Investment size, Location etc.? In this article We will give you little brief about Pre-leased Property, will let you know Pros & Cons of Rented Property and also try to answer all your queries related to Rented Property Investment through FAQ.  

Type of Pre-leased Property

Property Types, ROI, Investment and Price in Pre-rented property 


Pre-Leased Property Types  

Minimum Investment*  (INR)                   

ROI* (%)


Office Space


Rs. 80,00,000 –  Rs. 10,00,00,000

6.5 % – 8 %


Retail Space


Rs. 4,00,00,000 – Rs. 8,00,00,000

4.5 % – 6.5 %




Rs. 4,00,00,000 – Rs. 8,00,00,000

4 % – 4.5 %


Independent Building


Rs. 8,00,00,000 –  Rs. 80,00,00,000

7 %  –  9 %




Rs. 10,00,00,000 –  Rs. 20,00,00,000

7 %  –  9%


SCO ( Shop Cum Office)


Rs. 8,00,00,000 – Rs. 12,00,00,000

5 %  –  7.5 %



Rs. 8,00,00,000 –  Rs. 15,00,00,000

4 %  –  6 %

MNC leased Property for sale

Are you searching for Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon. we can suggest you some good rented property. Most importantly we focus on the newer buildings which have a potential to attract capital appreciation alongside the regular rental which the investor earns.

MNC rented Property is safe and A multi-national company as a tenant can assure you regular rental Income on time and Long lease guaranty therefore your Property will get good property appreciation.

Average Investment Size Expected Return on Investment
 Rs. 1 Cr. to 10 Cr.  6 to 8 %

INC leased Property for sale

If you are searching Pre-leased Property for sale at higher ROI, you can buy Good Commercial Pre rented property leased to an INC company in a good location because INC leased Property will give you good return with regular rental income. Most importantly now Indian Company are doing very good and I am sure you will get regular rental income because every company is professional now due to sustain in Global Market Competition.

Average Investment Size Expected Return on Investment
  Rs. 70 to 5 Cr.  7 to 8 %

Pre-rented Retail Shop for sale

As a Pre-leased property, retail Shop can give you high Property appreciation with moderate Return. Location and layout of the project as well as Location of the shop are very important aspect in Case of Retail Rented Property. We can offer you Pre leased Shop in some of the best Market in Gurgaon.

Average Investment Size Expected Return on Investment
 Rs. 2.5 to 7 Cr.  4 to 6 %

Pre-rented Bank for sale

Bank Rented Property is preferred by old Age investors, because they are more concerned about safe and secure income and long lease then ROI.  If you also think so  you can choose Pre-leased property rented to Bank.

Average Investment Size Expected Return on Investment
 Rs. 4 to 15 Cr.  4 to 5 %

Pre-leased Independent Building for sale

Rented Building also a good investment. If your Investment Budget is more than 10 Cr then you can also think Independent Building. it’s always better if the building is rented to a good Company or it should be rented to 2-3 Companies. Where risk factor is low because ROI depends upon tenant and location of the building.

Average Investment Size Expected Return on Investment
 Rs. 8 to 50 Cr.  7 to 9 %

Pre-leased warehouse for sale

A pre-leased warehouse is a good investment if your budget and choice allow you. this will give you a feeling of independence. But Rented warehouse has some limitation also once your leases complete its liabilities difficult to get another tenant.

Average Investment Size Expected Return on Investment
 Rs. 10 to 20 Cr.  7 to 9 %

Pre Leased SCO for sale

SCO ( Shop Cum Office) is an independent property. If your Budget size is more than 10 Cr then you can also think about Pre Leased SCO. If you are looking for Pre-leased Property for sale and searching Rented SCO, It’s always better if the SCO is rented to a good Tenant or it should be rented to 2-3 Tenants, where the risk factor is low.

ROI depends upon tenant and location of the SCO. SCO can be used as a retail shop or as an Office space. We do have some options if you are planing to invest in Rented SCO in Gurgaon.

Average Investment Size Expected Return on Investment
 Rs. 10 to 20 Cr.  5 to 8 %

Pre-leased School for sale

We have some best location Pre-leased School in Gurgaon rented to well known school chains one is located on Sohna Road and 2nd is in Sushant Lok 1 near to Galleria Market.

9 Points you must Check before buying a Commercial Rented Property? 

  1. Location
  2. Quality of the building: B, B+ OR A
  3. Demand and Supply 
  4. Market rent vs in-place rent
  5. Quality of tenant 
  6. Interior fitouts
  7. Lease structure
  8. Security deposit 
  9. Diversify your investment

Location, ROI, Investment Size and Price in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a Metropolitan city which is divided into various micro-markets, every micro market is having it advantage and changes due to various factors. Price and  investment size differs in all the locations. 


Rate Per Sq.ft. *

Investment Size*


Golf Course Road

Rs. 13,500 –  Rs.20,000

2 Cr. – 15 Cr.

6 – 7 %

Golf Course Extension Road

Rs. 9,800 –  Rs. 13,000

1 cr. – 5 Cr.

6 – 7.5 %

Sohna Road

Rs. 9,000 –  Rs. 11,500

80 Lacs – 2 Cr.

7 – 8 %

MG Road

Rs. 14,000 –  Rs. 80,000

 2 Cr. – 15 Cr.

6 – 7 %


Rs. 11,00 –  Rs. 30,000

1 Cr. – 5 Cr.

 6 – 7.5 %

Sushant Lok

Rs. 14,000 – Rs. 20,000

2 cr. – 10 Cr

 6 – 7 %

Golf Course Road Gurgaon

Golf Course Road is 16 Lane Highway which is  well-connected from all part of Gurgaon and Delhi. All mode of transportation starting from Metro to easy Public transport available that’s why  in Real-estate point of view this is a impotent location in Gurgaon. Top Multinational and Indian Companies like facebook, E&Y, Yes Bank, Dell, Samsung etc. are operational on Golf Course RoadHorizon CenterPalm spring plazaVatika Towers, Suncity Business Tower, Baani The Address etc. are some of the iconic commercial building on Golf Course Road. Pre leased Bank, MNC Leased Property, Rented retail shop you will find as a Pre leased Property for sale on Golf Course Road. If you invest in Pre leased commercial Property on Golf Course Road in coming 3 year I am Hope-full you will get appreciation of 2000 to 3000 Per Sq.Ft. 

Pre-leased Property for sale on Golf Course Road Gurgaon

Rate Per Sq.ft. *

Investment Size*

Expected ROI*

Rs. 13,500 to 20,000/-

2 Cr. to 15 Cr.

6 to 7 %

Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon

Golf Course Extn. Road is new business address in Gurgaon for MNC’s and INC’s because of new Commercial Building and infrastructure development. Sector 56 Metro station is at the starting point of Extension Road. Therefore  companies like PepsiCo, NTT DATA, Apollo Tyres etc. are operational on Golf Course Extension Road. Some of the Iconic operational Commercial Building on Golf Course Extn Road are Emaar Digital Greens, Magnum Towers, AIPL business club Good earth Business bay, Suncity Success TowerM3M CosmopolitanM3M UrbanaPioneer Urban SquareWe surely provide you best ROI in available Pre-rented Property for sale on Golf Course Extension Road. In my opinion Pre rented property on Golf Course Extension Road will increase upto 3000 to 3500 Per Sq.ft. in coming 3 year.   

Pre-leased Property for sale on Golf Course Extn Road Gurgaon

Rate Per Sq.ft. *

Investment Size*

Expected ROI*

Rs. 9,800 to 13,000/-

1 cr. to 5 Cr.

6 to 7.5 %

Sohna Road Gurgaon

Sohna Road in Gurgaon is a attractive destination for IT/ITES related companies. Form sohna road NH-8 is directly conncted and it will take hardly 10 Min to reach Huda City Center Metro Station. work for metro station and road widening already started on Sohna Road due to which price will increase surel. Because of this Companies like Mckinsey, TCS, Huawei etc. are already operational  on Sohna Road. Some of the Iconic office space and retail building on Sohna Road are Vatika Business Park, JMD Megapolis, Spaze I Tech Park, Bestech Business Tower. If you invest in Pre Rented Property on Sohna Road in coming 3 year I am Hope-full you will get appreciation of 2000 to 3000 Per Sq.Ft. 

Pre-leased Property for sale on Sohna Road Road Gurgaon

Rate Per Sq.ft. *

Investment Size*

Expected ROI*

Rs. 9,000 to 11,500/-

80 Lacs to 2 Cr.

7 to 8 %

M.G. Raod Gurgaon

If you are interested in buying retail rented property then MG Raod is one of the best destination. Well-Connected from all part of Gurgaon and south Delhi which is connected through Metro Rout. Some of the Iconic building on MG Road are Time Tower, Global business park, Sewa Corporate Park, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Metropolis mall, vatika first india place, Vatika City Point, ABW Tower. Some of the best tenants like Mcdonalds, PVR, Shoppers Stop, lifestyle, Amway are operational on MG Road. We can offer you Pre-rented Property on MG Road leased to a good MNC. We do have some rented Retail Shop on M.G. Road.

Pre-rented Property for sale on M.G. Road Gurgaon

Rate Per Sq.ft. *

Investment Size*

Expected ROI*

Rs. 14,000 to 80,000/-

 2 Cr. to 15 Cr.

6 to 7 %

NH-8 Gurgaon

NH-8 is National highway crossing from the heart of Gurgaon and Well Connected from all Part of Gurgaon and Delhi. Some of the Best tenant like Google, Audi, Hindustan Times are operational on NH-8 GurgaonSignature Tower, Signature Tower II & III, BPTP Park Centra are some the iconic building on NH-8 Gurgaon. We have some MNC Rented Property in Building like Park Centra and Signature Tower.

Pre-rented Property for sale on NH-8 Gurgaon

Rate Per Sq.ft. *

Investment Size*

Expected ROI*

Rs. 11,00 to 30,000/-

1 Cr. to 5 Cr.

 6 to 7.5 %

Sushant Lok 1

Sushant Lok and DLF Phase IV are amongst the most centrally situated localities of Gurgaon. Sushant Lok boasts of some of the best markets/malls around it. Good Metro Connectivity available in the area. Many MNC’s and INC’s has its corporate office. Pl Industries, StayWell are some of the tenants operational in Sushant Lok. Galleria Market,  Millennium Plaza, Vipul Square are some of the iconic commercial building on Golf Course Road. In Millennium Plaza, Vipul Square we have some MNC Rented Property with best ROI.

Pre-rented Property for sale in Sushant Lok Gurgaon

Rate Per Sq.ft. *

Investment Size*

Expected ROI*

Rs. 14,000 to 20,000/-

2 cr. to 10 Cr

 6 to 7 %

Udyog Vihar Gurgaon

Udyog Vihar Guragon is the nearest location from Delhi. If you are looking for Independent Building as Pre-leased Property for sale in Gurgaon, Udyog Vihar is the best location where you will get 7 to 9 percent return. We can Provide you Pre rented building in Udyog Vihar Gurgaon.

Info city Gurgaon 

Info City is a location where you can get office building which is occupied or can be occupied by Light smokeless Industry and IT Companies. 

Pace city Gurgaon

Pace City is a Industrial Area where you can find factory and independent Building.

IMT Manesar

Manesar is Industrial area with some commercial and IT Buildings. In Manesar  you can invest into independent office building, industrial shed, factory etc.

Top 10 Commercial Building in Gurgaon

  1. Pre-Rented Property in Global Business Park Gurgaon.
  2. Pre-leased Property in Vatika First India Place Gurgaon. 
  3. Pre-Rented Property in Unitech Commercial Tower 2 Gurgaon.
  4. Pre-leased property in Emaar Digital Greens Gurgaon.
  5. Rented property for sale in Baani The Address Gurgaon. 
  6. Pre-leased property in Suncity Business Tower Gurgaon. 
  7. Pre-rented Property in Pioneer Urban Square Gurgaon
  8. Pre-leased Property  in Magnum Tower, Good earth business bay and  Splendor Spectrum One Gurgaon. ( All 3 Properties are in the same location and create a campus)
  9. Rented retail Shop in Good earth city center Gurgaon.
  10. Pre-leased office space for sale in Signature Tower Gurgaon.             

You have various Investment choice start from Pre-leased MNC rented Property, Pre-leased bank Or Rented rented retail Shop, you can select as per your Budget and preference. We give personalized attention to the corporate and individuals in their process of buying Pre-leased Property through us. By understanding the requirement, we make each and every effort to make the entire process of acquiring a pre-rented property convenient and hassle free for you. 

We have some Best Ready to Move Rented Property at Lowest Price

We’ve aimed to combine global services with local expertise For more than a decade. Call our adviser for  Buying and selling of Commercial Property like Pre-leased property in Gurgaon / Rented Property in Gurgaon, Pre-Leased Bank in Gurgaon, New Commercial Projects in Gurgaon, SCO for sale in Gurgaon, Assured return projects in Gurgaon and Residential Property includes New Residential Projects in Gurgaon, Plot for sale in Gurgaon. You can also contact us for Office Space for Rent / Shop for Rent. We work with determination and dedication to strive for perfection. We’re your trusted partners in the world of real estate.  

Thank you for visiting us. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A- Bank Rented Property, Rented Retail Shop, MNC rented Office, Pre-leased SCO, rented warehouse, rented Independent Building. 

A- ROI=Net Profit/Net Investment*100

A- Property Value = Rent*12/ Return %

A- If you follow the principles of long term investing, you can earn much higher returns than most debt instruments. Keep the following points in mind while investing.

A- Pre Rented Properties are popular among Inverters still if you are looking for higher ROI or better property appreciation then Rented SCO ( Shop-Cum-Office) & New Commercial Projects specially Assured return Projects of the trusted developers can be a good opportunity. You can also consider Bank Rent Property as an Investment option.

A- What is the purpose of your investment if you are end-use then I suggest residential and if it’s to crate rental income then I feel that high rental yield of 6 -7% and appreciation potential will keep attracting investors towards Commercial Real Estate.

A- BirIa Navya Sector 63A Gurgaon, Adani Samsara Vilasa Sector 63 Gurgaon, Adani Samsara sector 60 Gurgaon and Smart World Orchard Sector 61 Gurgaon are the best residential on Golf Course Extension road where you will get best in class infrastructure in Central of Gurgaon.

A- Both are good investment options; depending upon what you want from your investment and What is your goal?

If you are focusing on Property appreciation rather than return on Investment then you can proceed for Retail Rented Property. Retail shop as will give you good property appreciation as a Pre-leased Property for sale.

If you want a good return on Investment along with moderate Property appreciation then you have to choose office space. Because in office space you can get Pre-leased Property for sale at a lower cost than retail.

A- Rented Properties are ready to Move in Property which is also on lease to a tenant and earning Rental Income from day one.

Assure return Properties are under construction Properties where the developer is assuring and giving you return on your Investment. Generally, this assured return continues till Possession.*

In both the cases, you are getting a fixed income from Day one.

A- Yes, Bank Considered as a safer investment but my opinion is little-bit different, In most of the cases bank don’t give lock-in period. Now every organization working for profit, Banks also one of them, If they are in profit they will stay for a long time but if not they can shift anytime because they are not legally bound. I as an Investment consultant believe in strong documentation.

A-  All locations are good for Pre-leased Property for sale but among them, best differ client to client, their investment choice, Investment Size etc.

If you have Budget of 2 Cr. to 15 Cr. and want to invest into newly constructed property and you can retain Property for 4 to 5 Years, you can choose for Golf Course Extension Road.

If you want a higher return on your investment then you can choose Sohna Road.

If you want good connectivity and happy with moderate retune with grade A tenant you can choose Golf Course Road as your investment Destination?

A- No, both are different.

A- Both kinds of investment have its pros and cons.

Rented Property is considered a safe investment because you know everything starting from accurate size, shape, Unit location etc. you can visit your particular unit and you are getting rental from day one (In Gurgaon you will get 6 to 8 Percent return*) Moreover this you take 30% Rebate in Income generated from Rent for maintenance purpose.

Assure return Properties are under construction properties, you will get 10 to 12 Percent Yearly Return* if you are buying this kind of Properties.

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