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Pre Leased Property Gurgaon

What is a Pre Leased Property ?

Any Real Estate property that is leased to a tenant, To earn rental income is called pre-leased property.

Type of Pre Leased Property. 

Pre Leased Office Space.

Pre Leased office Space give you more Return on Investment. Starting from 6 to 8 %. The property owner is safe because most of the time tenants are good MNC. So they stay for longer Period.

Pre Leased Retail Shops.

The Pre Leased Retail Shop is preferred by clients because price appreciation is better in term of any other type of Property.  Yearly Return on Investment is  5 to 7 Percent  .

Pre Leased Warehouse.

The Pre Leased Warehouse is Good Investment if property is rented to a good tenant. Now a day in Big demand because of  many growth in logistic and online shopping business. You Will get 8 % Return (Approx.).

Pre Leased Bank / ATM.

The pre Leased bank is considered as safest investment. Because it is assumed that the Bank or ATM, stay for a longer period in a Property. Annual Return on investment would be 4.5 to 6 %.

Pre Leased Building.

If you are investing 10 Cr . to 80 Cr. Then Pre Leased Building gives you more satisfaction. Because of great Independence.

Why to invest in Pre leased Property?

Safest investment, Zero waiting time for a property investor for the return on investment. To start the rental returns commence from day one of your property investments.

As the commercial property is leased to a MNC. good brand or a company so the property earns regular monthly returns. Also you gain from capital appreciation of the property over time.

Rent Discounting. A pre leased property investment gives you the advantage of raising capital from any bank/financial institution in the form of rent discounting.

A bank provides financing to property owners. who have fixed and stable rent receivables from a good tenant. The finance provided is discounted against the rent received. This is a very good way of raising finance. at very low rates which can be used by a property investor. for business expansion or any other purpose.

What points we have to  Keep In Mind. Before Buying A Pre Leased Property ?

Building: Type and  age of the building are crucial while taking  an investment decision.

Tenant Profile: Tenant profile is one of the major aspects. to be seen while investing in pre leased properties.

Lease Term: A longer lease term is better depending upon market situation.

Lock-in  period: Lock-in period is the minimum term that the tenant should serve or pay for. Higher lock-in gives better security to the investment.

Time Entry Exit Deposit, Rent and rent Escalation: Deposit should cover an average of at least 3 months electricity bills and maintenance charges In case of longer lock-in. Deposit should be higher to ensure the tenant would fulfill his obligations. Annual rental escalation is preferred over escalation after 3 to 4 years.

Property Tax and Maintenance charges: One should check the maintenance charges, Property tax and other tax obligations. Any pending matters/ penalties before investing.

Good Facilities Management:  Good facilities management agency for the premises and the building plays pivotal role in upkeep of the premises and can fetch better capital values for the property in the long run.

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