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Pre leased Commercial Properties

What is the concept of Pre-leased property or rented property? Why to invest in Pre leased Commercial Properties in Gurgaon

Pre leased Commercial Properties in Gurgaon is in Big Demand. The idea of rental yield is old and quick getting the creative energy of financial specialists in India. particularly those in the metros. Investors put resources into a property with a perspective to leasing it out. In order to gain an altered salary.  In old days Most of them was investing into Residential Property. And get them Rented but it gives less Return. In any case, High total assets people are executing in Pre-leased Commercial Property. which are still sought after and offer a high yearly rental yield. There is a sound interest from corporate from the IT and BFSI portions. which all at once represent 60-70% of the aggregate interest. While Residential properties give 1 to 3% as rental yield. Pre leased Commercial Properties in Gurgaon offer a high rental yield in the scope of 5% to 9%.

Pre leased Commercial Property in Gurgaon command high Return

There is undoubtedly Real-estate holds the best fascination for UHNIs. Most ventures happen in properties, say a packet of the area. Commercial properties like promptly accessible workplaces or modern distribution centers. UHNIs, say with a total asset running from Rs 5 crore to Rs 100 crore and even above. have been ordering riches administration firms or land counsels to pick review “A” Pre-leased Commercial Property.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has given its approval to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Like mutual funds. REITs will pool in money from investors and issue units in exchange. Most of the money will be invested in commercial properties which are completed and are generating income. Which will give access to small ticket size investors to Pre-leased Commercial Property .

This Pre leased Commercial Property in Gurgaon provide fixed rental income. The best way is to lease out commercial property to Quality tenants. like Big MNC, INC, Bank, Retail Brands, earn Rental income over a 3-5 year period and subsequently exit with a moderate to high capital appreciation.

There are mainly Three kinds of Pre leased Commercial Property in Gurgaon .

Pre-leased Retail Space.

Pre-leased Office Space rented to an MNC.

Pre-Rentd Bank / ATM.

What decides the rental Income and return in these properties?

No doubt, the entry price is one of the biggest factors in determining the income. Lower the price, the higher the return. Another key factor is the quality of tenants. If the tenant is a bank the property commands a rental yield of 5%. These tenants stay for a longer period and the property is less prone to hopping; hence, it commands a lower yield. Commercial properties rented to MNC or Good INC can give ROI of 6 % to 9 %.

How to calculate the ROI?

The calculation is simple. You are arriving at a price after including the basic price. stamp duty, car parking charges minus security deposit. The annual lease rent is divided by the final price to arrive at a yield. Generally. The lease term happens for a period of three years. which on renewal commands an escalation of 15% in rent. Hence, the ROI increases progressively every three years.

Way to take Invest in Pre leased Commercial Property in Gurgaon

If you have pockets full and belong to the high net worth individuals’ category.  you can buy a Pre-leased Commercial Property. so, typically, the transaction will range from say, Rs 5 crore to Rs 100 crore or even higher.The ideas look promising but one must check all the factors related to them. including the quality of tenants Lease Period. Lock-in Period, Leased Term, Location etc. Lower the distance from major locations like highways, metro station, railway stations, bus stands etc, better rent it commands.

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