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commercial Pre Rented property Gurgaon

commercial Pre Rented property Gurgaon

commercial  Pre Rented property Gurgaon for sale 

What is commercial  Pre Rented property Gurgaon?

Pre leased Property in Gurgaon is a commercial project, warehouse, independent building fall under commercial zone. Used by corporate clients for commercial use. It gives you fixed monthly rental income with property appreciation.

Why to invest in commercial  Pre Rented property Gurgaon Haryana India?

The concept of rental yield is fast. Investors invest in a property with a view to renting it out. So as to earn a fixed income. In the past, people with low ticket size was investing in residential properties. But Ultra high net worth individuals are transacting in commercial properties which are still in demand and offer a high annual rental income. There is a healthy demand for corporate houses and business lobby in Pre leased Property in Gurgaon Haryana India. While residential properties give 3-4% as rental yield. commercial properties offer a high rental yield in the range of 5% to 10% depending on Location and Investment Size.

Pre-leased Property gives safety to one investment. As we know you are purchasing ready 2 moving properties. Which is already rented to a good Brand. Every plus and minus point you have in front of you so no need to assume much.

What are the key points we have to see before buying a commercial Property?

Location – Where your Property fall. What if in any case tenant leaves the place is it easy to lease out again.

Rental – Every location has an average rental based on location, type of company, facilities, etc. so rental should be genuine. If rental is high, then there is a possibility that tenant may leave the place after lock-in because he might get the good property for genuine rental into place. Or if rental is low or genuinely there is a possibility that the tenant may stay for a long time. Your ROI might become low because of the low rental but it will give you sustainable profit.

Lease Term- Lease term play very important role in a rented property so you need to check lease tenure, lock-in period, Rent escalation clause.

TenantGood Tenant it is a commitment of long run rental income. And also provide you best property appreciation.

Rest we have to check all property Related documents like Property Title, Occupancy Certificate of a Building, Chain of Property Owner, Registered Lease Deed Etc.

Why to invest in Gurgaon, Haryana (India)

Gurgaon is also known as Gurugram, is a city Located in the Haryana State of India. Popularly known as Millennium City.  Witnessing rapid urbanization. Gurgaon has become a leading financial and industrial hub with the third highest income in India. Gurgaon’s economic growth story started when the leading Indian automobile manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India Limited established a manufacturing plant in Gurgaon in the 1970s. Eventually, DLF Limited acquired vast stretches of land in the city. In 1997 The first major American MNC General Electric set up its office in Gurgaon. GE’s setup in Gurgaon prompted other companies, both international as well as domestic, to follow suit. Today, Gurgaon has local offices for more than 250 Fortune 500 companies.

Gurgaon’s proximity to Delhi means easy access to political decision makers. Today, Gurgaon has emerged as one of the most important offshoring centers in the world,  providing outsourcing solutions in software, IT, service and sales through delivery facilities and call centers. Apart from Business process outsourcing and IT sectors, the city is home to several other companies that specialize in domain expertise. Various international companies, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, BMW. Agilent Technologies have chosen Gurgaon to be their Indian corporate headquarters. Because of High Income Buying Capacity of People is good so Its Directly Liked with Property appreciation In Gurgaon. That’s Why Gurgaon real estate Market is 1st Choice among Domestic and NRI Investors. Because of Corporate Preferred Location demand for Commercial Leasing is High in Gurgaon so investing in Pre-leased Property in Gurgaon is Safe and Profitable Decision.

Commercial Pre Leased Property Gurgaon Haryana India Locations

commercial  Pre Rented property Gurgaon Haryana India  on Golf Course Road.

Golf Course Road it connects road of M.G Road and Golf Course Extn. Road. Very Important Location in Gurgaon Economy. This Is 16 Lane Express Line Having many important  Commercial and Residential Project in Gurgaon. Directly connected with Metro route. Average Rental of the Location starts from Rs. 95 to 150 in Building like Horizon Center. Best Place For a company to place its Corporate Office.

commercial  Pre Rented property Gurgaon   Haryana India on Golf Course Extn. Road.

Golf Course Extension Road is Connecting Road of Sohna-Gurgaon Expressway and Golf Course Road as well as Faridabad and South Delhi Road In Gurgaon. So Location Is very prime in Gurgaon Real Estate Market. This Is The Reason why many Corporate are constructing. it’s one Building on this Road and almost all the big Builder’s are having and launching new commercial and. residential Project on Golf Course Extn. Road, Gurgaon. Average rental of the Golf Course Extn Road. Is Rs. 65 to 85 Pre Sq.Ft. depend upon Building and Location.

commercial  Pre Rented property Gurgaon  Haryana India on M.G. Road.

M.G. Road is the important Shopping Destination in Gurgaon Directly Connected with NH-8 and South Delhi. Metro Route is the best mode of transportation for M.G. Raod. Average rental is Rs. 110 to 140 Rs. PSF for office space.

commercial  Pre Rented property Gurgaon  Haryana India on Sohna Road.

Sohna Road Gurgaon is a state Highway directly connecting to NH-8 Gurgaon to Sohna City Gurgaon. Is Very famous location among Startups and companies looking for big office space. Average rental Income of Sohna road is 55-78 PSF again Depend Upon Location and Building.

Commercial Pre Leased Property in Gurgaon  Haryana India on NH-8. 

National Highway 8 is a very important road for economic growth of Gurgaon Connecting Delhi- Jaipur. Many Famous Companies Like Google Located on NH-8 Gurgaon, Best Place among tenant Looking for Complete big size Independent Building Average Rental is Rs. 72 to 130 per Sq.Ft.

Commercial Pre Leased Property in Gurgaon  Haryana India  DLF Cyber City. 

DLF Cyber City is Commercial Hub constructed by DLF Group is listed among one of the most Prime locations in Gurgaon for Corporate office. Average rental is 70-140 Rs. Per Sq.Ft.

Commercial Pre Leased Property in Gurgaon  Haryana India  Udhyog Vihar.

Nearest Location from Delhi is Udhyog Vihar which is previously famous for the industrial hub, but now corporates also moving to this Place. Average Rental of Udhyog Vihar is 50-80 Rs. Per Sq.Ft. and You can get place 5000 Sq.Ft. To 2000000 Sq.Ft. Under one roof.

Commercial Pre Leased Property in Gurgaon  Haryana India  Pace City, InfoCity and Manesar Industrial Are. Known mainly for Industrial Plants. but now many Corporate clients are also moving to the Place. Because of connectivity to NH-8 companies also looking for the warehouse in these locations.

Other Key locations for Rented Commercial Property in Gurgaon. Haryana India. Pre leased Commercial Property in Gurgaon. Pre Rented Commercial Property in Gurgaon are Sector 14 Gurgaon. Sushant Lok 1 Gurgaon. Huda Markets in Gurgaon. DLF Ph-1 Gurgaon, Sector 1,29,32,38,40,44,45,47,49,50 Gurgaon. in Which we are available with Pre-leased Property in very good Building.

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